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Develop business strategy, optimise efficiency, measure performance

At CrossRoads Company we empower owners and managers to take charge of change in their business. Whether it is a lack of profit, poor accountability or operational blind spots costing you time and money, at CrossRoads we offer long-term strategic insight and practical tools to drive your multifaceted business to financial sustainability. 

CrossRoads Company specialises in strategic development that focuses on business optimisation, accountability, performance and development. Using StratTrack, a high level performance methodology which optimises efficiency and maximises company performance and team development as well as everyday business tools, we can transition you to economic vitality with practical, outcome-based solutions.  

At CrossRoads Company sustainability is our mission. Accelerated growth follows. 

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How we work for you

WPO South Africa

Anni Hoare - Head of Women Presidents Organisation South Africa. Cape Town Chapter 1 | Cape Town Chapter 2 | Johannesburg Chapter 1 | Platinum 7 | WPO is a global and premium peer advisory organisation for women president, CEO's, Managing Directors, Partners and owners of companies with mature revenues. WPO extends over 85 cities and 6 continents, with 140 Chapters serving 2000 members. A WPO membership is a valuable privilege and a notable recognition as a woman business leader in the community. The organisation is dedicated to developing the best, most innovative solutions to business challenges using collaborative and creative problem solving processes.

Enhancement of Leadership/Advancement of Entrepreurship

It was late her 40's that Anni Hoare discovered her purpose which was the enhancement of leadership and the advancement of entrepreneurship. By complimenting the businesses of the few who affect the lives of many through employment, she realised that she could tangibly contribute to society, the community and her country. Through the facilitation of peer advisory groups she was able to provide purposeful guidance to increase the effectiveness of leaders, the results in their companies and their personal and professional growth.

Mentoring and Guidance

Mentoring and offering guidance to business owners (who are often serial entrepreneurs) to resolve their issues and maximize their opportunities results in them making better decisions, creates better results within their companies and in turn fosters better leadership. Why does this matter? It matters as it creates a lifestyle and legacy for the business owner, local employment and strong companies who impact the economy and country. Providing a platform for helicopter strategic thinking and accountability whilst finding answers to their own questions is gratifying and more so, when CEO's achieve and surpass their perceived limits, reaching their greatest aspirations.

Business Experience

Anni's business experiences have provided a unique knowledge derived from success and scars from failures. She takes advantage of all the lessons through her years of leading WPO groups and her own businesses to hone strong leadership and strategy skills. Having an appreciation for the challenges that business owners encounter every day synced with an innate entrepreneurial spirt and intuition provides the fertile grounds for her to probe and challenge others to generate their own insights. Connecting with people and challenging leaders to be better leaders is her natural forte' and coupled with the collective genius of a peer to peer platform has proven to be a sound formula for positive outcomes for WPO members.

The Woman's Advantage

Imagine if there were a structured format you could follow to gain this level of success in YOUR business. If you are “playing” at business, The Woman’s Advantage® Forum is definitely not for you. Our Forums bring 12-14 serious women business owners face-to-face each month for a three-hour structured business expansion session. If you are serious about moving your business to the next level, The Woman's Advantage® Forum is the vehicle to get you there.

Business Strategy

We work with your business to help clarify your vision and establish your primary business objectives, build a comprehensive 1-page business plan, and define the long and short-term goals that will help you create sustainability, maximise profitability and reach your personal targets.

Advisory services

Boutique management consulting outfit specialising in structuring your success through strategic business development and building your business case. We create meaningful value and support through divergent thinking and advise in areas of strategic and business planning, market and customer strategies.

Key Note Speaking

Humerous, interesting and a straight shooter, Anni Hoare delivers keynotes with a punch. She uses her life experiences and colourful examples from her business in an impactful way that leaves an audience motivated, energised and aware. Topics can be tailored to the underlying and central theme of a conference or build around her areas of expertise within the area of strategic planning, risk scenario's, goal measurement and personal development. She is the ultimate goal digger.


We strive to activate business growth and accelerate productivity in organisations by helping you to excel in customer relationships that include securing and managing clients. We emphasise measuring a company's performance in not only major goals and achievements, but also day-to-day business that results in overall accountability.


We will inspire you and your teams to understand team dynamics, increase focus and productivity and will assist with practical solutions to conflict resolution.

Young Leaders Development Programme

Leadership by the new generation is not the future. Building tomorrow's leaders starts today. An in depth foundational programme creating self awareness, the course addresses leadership and behavioural theories and skills, authentic and ethical leadership, the process cycle, styles, communication skills, problem solving and team, time, project and stress management. Individuals are tooled up with strategy skills in modular format geared to future management who do not have the time or ability for formal education.

Event management

Bespoke event management and project management services by creating and developing custom tailored company team building activities, retreats, mini conferences and sourcing of key note speakers for small to mid sized events.

Business Mentoring – Career Developmental tool

The desire to succeed can be overwhelming and dealing with major business obstacles can derail even the most driven individual. With the ability and willingness to share her business and life journey, Anni creates A confidential mentoring enviroment with transference of experience, lifeskills, business skills and knowledge. Known for her diplomatic directness, she objectively provides mentee support and encouragement to improve performance and maximise potential. Activating the skill of the mentee in their current role and grooming them for growth by acting as a sounding board and expanding their professional network, significantly enhances the chances of success and mitigates risk in complex decision mamking. Achieving and exceed goals and aspiration becomes so much more real with an approachable mentor who displays compassion, objectivity and fairness and Anni is the ultimate ‘goal digger’.


Strat Track is a structured programme with business principals and methodology which bridges the gap between your company’s vision and the execution thereof with a powerful business methodology for organisations and companies who are experiencing lack of synergy in achieving company goals whilst simultaneously managing daily operations. Using methodology which addresses strategic business planning/goals together with usable tools for company individuals and departments which gear up all areas to function as synergistic cogs in the bigger business ‘machine’, Strat Track closes the gap between vision and execution. The methodology has proven to maximise efficiency, focus on accountability and realign non-functioning people and process. The result? Long term and consistent goal achievement, greater sustainability and optimised existing resources.

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Women Presidents' Organization
The Women Presidents' Organization is a non-profit membership organisation for women presidents, CEOs, and managing directors of privately held, multimillion-dollar companies. The WPO is the ultimate affiliation for successful women worldwide.

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